Limbo is a proposed set of hand-crafted, lightweight papier-mâché furniture pieces made from the same two componets, scaled up and down between each piece. It is dyed with natural materials and is fully compostable. Limbo is made from post-consumer and post-industrial paper and cardboard waste from DC record store Joint Custody. The set uses highly accessible materials and methods in its creation. Dyed with turmeric, baking soda, and glued with a cornstarch mixture, all of Limbo’s ingredients are available at a supermarket or corner store. The weight of the stool is lighter than 2 lbs.

The Limbo Stool is the first completed prototype of this set. Instructions for others to make the Limbo Stool are provided through a booklet and posters available for purchase to allow a broader audience to understand the process of making, collaboration, and the richness of materials we throw away everyday.

January 2019

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